Meet Our Sponsors

Thank You To Those Who Support Space Week NY 2024!

New York Space Grant Consortium (NYSG) -

"Empire Space is a proud member of the NASA New York Space Grant Consortium, where we have facilitated new academic internships and facilitated outreach to economic and government leaders."

NY Consortium for Space Technology Innovation & Development (NYCST)

"Empire Space is proud to be a founding member of the New York Consortium for Space Technology, Innovation, & Development, which has secured $5 million from the Department of Defense to support New York's satellite manufacturing capabilities."

SSPI/New York Space Business Roundtable (NYSBR)

"The Northeast Chapter of the Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) hosts the highly successful monthly New York Space Business Roundtable. Empire Space is proud to sponsor this series and its' wide range of relevant space themes, be sure to check them out!"

Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office (LTIO-NY)

"The New Space economy is a major focus of LTIO New York. They are close partners with the Luxembourg Space Agency and have conducted a number of events with Empire Space in recent years."

Columbia Space Initiative -

"The Columbia Space Initiative is a group of students and professors dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in near-space, space, and beyond. They engage in a series of annual missions focused on diverse subjects including rocketry, cubesats, and micro-gravity research."

Space Prize -

"Space Prize empowers young women to participate in the growing space economy. The first Space Prize competition involved five New York City public high schools. Winners received a ZERO-G flight and mentorship from an influential woman in the space industry."

RocketStar -

"RocketStar is a rising rocket innovator headquartered in Manhattan that is developing a groundbreaking achievement in space propulsion technology – the FireStar™ Fusion Drive, the world's first electric propulsion device enhanced with nuclear fusion."

Ursa Space -

"Ursa Space is an Ithaca-based satellite intelligence company that provides business and government decision-makers access to on-demand analytic solutions. With extensive radar satellite network and data fusion expertise, Ursa Space detects real-time changes and analyzes patterns in the physical world to understand what's happening at a deeper level."

Copernic Space -

"Copernic Space tokenizes space assets and enables new revenue by providing access to the wider commercial and retail markets. Copernic Space creates efficiency, data integrity, and widespread participation by enabling access to a broad class of space assets and millions of space-based transactions".

AIN Ventures -

"The Academy Investor Network (AIN Ventures) is a pre-seed and seed -stage focused venture fund that invests in dual-use technology and veteran-led startups.

Empire Space has partnered with AIN Ventures on a number of different events in the NYC space community and we are deeply grateful for their energy and leadership in the New York space ecosystem."

Squadra Ventures -

"Squadra Ventures invests in early-stage cyber and national security companies advancing the critical edge. Drawing on deep industry experience and an expansive nationwide network, they provide transformational support to startup leaders building dual-use technologies."

Space Rig -

"SpaceRig is a space vehicle "build and deliver" service designed for an era of frequent launch, more time-responsive mission applications, and a proliferation of space operators."

Clad Metal Specialties -

"Clad Metal Specialties is a woman-owned full-service metal processing firm in Bay Shore Long Island that has been serving multiple industries, including aerospace and military clients, since 1985. They offer clad metal products built for the challenges faced by aerospace manufacturers including specialty alloys and thin film solutions."

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