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Basic info and contact details if you'd like to learn more about or get involved with Space Week NY 2024!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Space Week NY 2024?

Space Week NY 2024 is a celebration of the rich history of the New York space sector and an acknowledgement of the over 1,000 organizations and institutions that make up the NY space ecosystem. If you want to explore this network in greater detail please visit the Empire Space Census for more information!

Why do we need Space Week NY 2024?

Space Week NY 2024 is important for many reasons. The New York space ecosystem is constantly underestimated and often punches below it's weight. Fostering networking and collaboration within the space ecosystem while promoting it to all New Yorkers will correct this historical underappreciation and usher in a new era of productivity and growth for space & aerospace in New York.

How can I participate?

Everyone is welcome to participate in Space Day NY! Feel free to sign up to attend a virtual event, or partner with a local space organization in your neighborhood. Be sure to share the date with friends and family, post it on your social medias, and find your own way to be a Space Ambassador in New York!

I'm not much of a space person, why should I care?

The New York space ecosystem employs thousands of New Yorkers, contributes hundreds of millions into our economy every year, and is a dynamic part of over 60 Universities and dozens of K-12 schools across the state. It creates high-paying jobs, inspires the next generation of New Yorkers, and is a key component to a 21st century economy.

I'm affiliated with local, state, or federal government. How can I participate?

We strongly encourage Members of Government and those who work with them to familiarize yourself with the impact the space ecosystem has on our state and support it whenever possible. For NYS Legislators in the Assembly or Senate we have a detailed district-by-district breakdown of the space ecosystem assets YOU represent, be sure to support them on Space Day and every day thereafter!

Contact Info

To learn more email or join us on Twitter @EmpireSpaceNY