May 20th - May 24th

Space Week NY 2024 

A Statewide Celebration of the New York Space Ecosystem!

Join the effort to grow the Empire State into a Top Ten Space State!

This event has concluded, but fill out our Space Week NY 2025 INTEREST FORM to get involved with next years program!

Recognizing Space in the Empire State

Networking Key Space Stakeholders

Promoting the New York Space Ecosystem

Laying the Groundwork for Growth in 2024 & Beyond

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New York is a significant player in the American space ecosystem. 

The Apollo Lunar Landers were built here, and New York is one of the largest sources of Space Finance in the United States. 

The NY space ecosystem hosts a network of over 60 Colleges & Universities with space programs, employs tens of thousands of New Yorkers and contributes hundreds of millions to the broader New York economy every year. 

New York is the 15th largest recipient of NASA investment and hosts a leading NASA climate research facility.

Space Week NY 2024 is meant to be a celebration of this rich history and a chance to foster networking and collaboration within the New York space ecosystem. It is also an opportunity to promote these successes and build support among the broader public to invest in these capabilities and attract even more academic and private sector growth to the New York space ecosystem.

Want to join the fun, or just have questions?

Let us know!